So, I’m blogging from my phone at the ESRI Developer Summit plenary session in Palm Springs, CA. There is a lot to explore here. I wish I could use some sort of shadow clone jutsu so I could attend all the sessions I want. Just goes to show how busy the men and women at […]

If you develop against ArcGIS Server REST Services, or simply test them, you have probably found them to be both a blessing and a curse. ArcGIS Server REST endpoints provide simple, well organized pages that present just enough information for that particular endpoint. To check out information on each map service or layer underneath, however, requires

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Trouble with dates A couple years ago, our company had developed a JavaScript-based web application, and it was in the middle of user acceptance testing when the client noticed something strange in the search results. When the client searched for her own property, she noticed that the date of sale showed March 17th, the day

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Creating Layer visibility controls for web maps can be a pain. If you’ve tried to implement complicated web maps or “ArcMap on the web” applications, you know what I mean. So, when ESRI released the LayerList widget in v. 3.14 of their JavaScript API, I had to try it out. The LayerList I found the

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