Book Review: ArcGIS for Desktop Cookbook

ArcGIS for Desktop Cookbook front cover

ArcGIS for Desktop Cookbook by Daniela Cristiana Docan delivers detailed step-by-step technical instructions to help you get the most out of ArcGIS for Desktop. As a technical “cookbook”, it contains over 60 “recipes” to perform many common and advanced tasks in ArcGIS for Desktop. The book is available through Packt Publishing, and also on Amazon.

The book ArcGIS for Desktop Cookbook covers a wide variety of topics. You start off with designing a geodatabase, and work your way through editing, assigning and transforming coordinate systems, and geoprocessing. On the mapping side, you learn how to work with symbology, labels, and annotation. You learn how to export your map into different formats, and take advantage of ArcGIS features such as Data-Driven maps. You learn how to turn a spreadsheet of addresses or coordinates into georeferenced map points. You’ll also learn about some common extensions such as Network Analyst, Spatial Analyst, 3D Analysit, and Data Interoperability.

The ArcGIS for Desktop Cookbook was originally written for ArcGIS Desktop v.10.2, but almost all of it is applicable for any 10.x application. Like I mentioned before, some of the chapters refer to extensions that need to be purchased separately. But at least they’re covered when you finally get to use them.

The author, Daniela Cristiana Docan, proves she knows her stuff in this book. She holds your hand while walking you through each recipe in detail. When I reviewed this book, I felt like she covered the material thoroughly. There was no question about what I was supposed to do. I was impressed with her depth of knowledge and attention to detail.

Packt Publishing rates the difficulty of ArcGIS for Desktop Cookbook as “Progressing”, or more advanced. Yeah, I’d agree with that one. If you’re new to the GIS profession, and have never launched ArcMap, this book might appear intimidating. But, if you have a little ArcMap and ArcCatalog experience under your belt, this book will definitely teach you something. I’ve been at this for a while, and I learned so much working through the recipes.

So, if you want to sharpen your ArcGIS Desktop skills, or you need some practice material to train for ESRI’s ArcGIS Desktop certification, this book is for you. It’s a great way to improve your map-making skills skills on the ArcGIS Platform. It’s also easy to find the recipe you need for the task you need to perform.

Good News: If you use the promo code ARCGISDESK when you purchase this item through Packt, you get 50% off. This offer is good until June 20th, 2015.

Disclaimer: I was a technical reviewer of ArcGIS for Desktop Cookbook by Daniela Cristiana Docan for Packt Publishing. I received a printed copy of the book, plus another ebook of my choice for the technical review. I’m not getting anything for publishing this book review on my blog. Okay, now that I got that out of the way, let me tell you what I thought of the book.

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