Creating Layer visibility controls for web maps can be a pain. If you’ve tried to implement complicated web maps or “ArcMap on the web” applications, you know what I mean. So, when ESRI released the LayerList widget in v. 3.14 of their JavaScript API, I had to try it out. The LayerList I found the

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Anyone who has developed against ArcGIS Server web services has probably encountered the limit on query results returned. Whether it’s 1000 features, or maybe 2000 with the new versions, it’s never enough for the kind of data you have to return. Contrary to what he or she believes, the typical map user can’t fathom having

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For those of you who develop using the ArcGIS JavaScript API, have you ever wanted to measure a feature selected on the map? By extending the Measurement dijit, we can add a link to the map.infoWindow object, then add a click event handler to make the measurement dijit to measure the selected feature. The code

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At Bruce Harris and Associates, we’ve helped a lot of our clients share their maps through ArcGIS Online (AGOL). Many of these clients also have high quality aerial photography that provide high resolution at the ground level. However, when they try to mix their high quality tiled map services with basemaps provided by ESRI, things

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I’ve got another ArcGIS JavaScript API hack for you, and this time we’re going to look at the draw toolbar, a tool used to interactively draw graphics on a web map. This post was inspired by a question I was pulled in on over at ESRI’s Geonet. The question revolved around capturing the beginning of

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