ESRI’s 100 Lines of JavaScript or Less Competition

I’ve enjoyed the last week working on an app for ESRI’s 100 lines or less competition. In it, ESRI wants to see what kind of mapping apps you can write using their JavaScript API and only 100 lines JavaScript code. Winners will be announced on the last day of ESRI’s International Developers Summit on March 28th.

Because it’s my first time going to the Dev Summit, I decided to create a routing app to get me there. I used ESRI’s route task services for testing purposes, and it seems to work fine. I don’t know how much they’ll like me hitting such a costly service so much, but since I have my own service to test against, I’ll keep it up until they tell me to take it down.

I managed to squeeze in a few features into the routing map, including geocoding, geolocation, route step selection, and creating a printer-friendly version of the map and directions. I’ve learned that my CSS skills could use a bit of work. But, at least I didn’t pull off a Geocities knock-off.

Here’s my working example of my project.¬†And here it is in github.

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