GISP Poster Contest

So, the GISCI, the lovely organization that brought us the GIS Professional Certification, is having their second annual poster contest. The rules look simple. You make a map to show off where all those who have the GIS Profesional Certificate call home. Top three winners a decent prize, and their fees waived when they apply or renew their license. Everyone who participates receives a free contribution point they can apply to their GISP.

My chance at winning is slim at best, but I could use a contribution point towards my GISP certification. So, I’m going to give this a try. I’ll detail my workflow here on my blog, and give tips you can use for this, or other endeavors in life. I know it’s kinda last minute, since the contest deadline is April 15th. But, I promise you can use what you learn from me on other tasks.

So, keep your eyes pealed. My first post will be out soon.