Mastering ArcGIS Server Development with JavaScript is out!

Hello. I’m sure you’re wondering where I’ve been lately. Well, I’ve been working on a special project that I can finally talk about. It’s my new book, Mastering ArcGIS Server Development with JavaScript.

Mastering ArcGIS Server Development with JavaScript

I know, it’s a long title, but it will help you do what it says. It dives into the ArcGIS JavaScript API, which is a set of tools provided by ESRI that help you present your maps on the internet.  You can create custom maps with the navigation of a Google map, but with the custom functionality that only you can provide.

When I wrote this book, there were a number of “Hello World” examples out there about creating mapping applications with the ArcGIS JavaScript API. However, when I tried to dig deeper, I couldn’t find any one solid source. There were a few posts on GIS StackExchange, and a few bits on the ESRI forums, but nothing in one place. This book distills all the experiments and hair-pulling moments I’ve encountered into one source.

The book covers a number of topics, including the following:

  • Putting a map on the web
  • Creating custom user controls and widgets
  • Creating charts and graphs based on data within the maps
  • Integrating popular JavaScript libraries like jQuery, Backbone, Knockout, and Angular.
  • Creating websites for mobile devices
  • Unit Testing
  • Using ArcGIS Online in your applications

You can find Mastering ArcGIS Server Development with JavaScript at the following online retailers.

I hope this book helps you along your development path.


Ken Doman

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