My New Year’s Theme 2012

My wife had this idea for a long while of making New Year’s Themes instead of Resolutions. Normally, when I come up with a resolution, I’d write it down, lose the paper, and never get around to completing the goal. Instead of doing that, a theme let’s me set a vague general direction for my life, and if I accomplish something that fits in my theme, I win. My wife is one smart cookie (and not just because she married me).

So, my theme for this year is this: “Give it away.” It could mean a lot of things, but so far, it means a few things.

  1. giving away some of the extra junk that’s taking up too much space in our small condo
  2. giving my time and effort to those who need it,
  3. sharing what little I know with those who need it.

The last one I plan to accomplish through this blog. Here, I’ll post about work, life, etc. I’ll share what I’ve learned and what I continue to learn. We’ll see where this new theme takes us.