My P2PU Experience

So, after a long hiatus, I decided to finish my work going through P2PU’s School of Webcraft. I had most of it done, but finally buckled down and finished the work. It was an interesting experience.

The lessons were fun and quirky, from writing html by hand, to comparing website elements to real-world objects. Some appeared low-tech, but they really made you think about the web in a new way. While I knew a lot of the material, it was a cool way to look at things.

My only frustration with P2PU classes is the review process. When I finished my projects, and applied for my badges, I would look through the list of people awaiting review. I was a little shocked to see people waiting 8 months for the three reviews necessary for the badge. Badges are a cool way to add incentive to learning, but P2PU also needs some incentive for people to review other people’s work. Sites like StackExchange do a very good job of this.

Overall, I think P2PU is an fun starting point for people who want to see what education opportunities are out there beyond the ivy-covered walls of a university. I hope they can get some steam behind their movement and make something of themselves.