ArcGIS for Desktop Cookbook by Daniela Cristiana Docan delivers detailed step-by-step technical instructions to help you get the most out of ArcGIS for Desktop. As a technical “cookbook”, it contains over 60 “recipes” to perform many common and advanced tasks in ArcGIS for Desktop. The book is available through Packt Publishing, and also on Amazon. […]

I’ve got another ArcGIS JavaScript API hack for you, and this time we’re going to look at the draw toolbar, a tool used to interactively draw graphics on a web map. This post was inspired by a question I was pulled in on over at ESRI’s Geonet. The question revolved around capturing the beginning of

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So, a month ago, the GIS Certificate Institute issued a news release detailing some up-coming changes to their GIS Professional certification (a.k.a. the GISP). Before, you needed a portfolio showing at least four years of experience in GIS, plus some education hours and your documented contributions to GIS. As of July 2015, applicants will also

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