I’ve enjoyed the last week working on an app for ESRI’s 100 lines or less competition. In it, ESRI wants to see what kind of mapping apps you can write using their JavaScript API and only 100 lines JavaScript code. Winners will be announced on the last day of ESRI’s International Developers Summit on March

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My P2PU Experience

So, after a long hiatus, I decided to finish my work going through P2PU’s School of Webcraft. I had most of it done, but finally buckled down and finished the work. It was an interesting experience. The lessons were fun and quirky, from writing html by hand, to comparing website elements to real-world objects. Some

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So, for P2PU, I have to post about how I hooked up my website. Back in ’09, I created my website, raykendo.com, with the hopes of being a world-renowned web ninja. I set my site up through webhosting pad. At the time, they had a good deal, and other websites recommended them for their up-time

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So, the GISCI, the lovely organization that brought us the GIS Professional Certification, is having their second annual poster contest. The rules look simple. You make a map to show off where all those who have the GIS Profesional Certificate call home. Top three winners a decent prize, and their fees waived when they apply

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My wife had this idea for a long while of making New Year’s Themes instead of Resolutions. Normally, when I come up with a resolution, I’d write it down, lose the paper, and never get around to completing the goal. Instead of doing that, a theme let’s me set a vague general direction for my

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