Hope you’re having fun at the ESRI UC

Since a lot of my readers are either at the ESRI UC, or at work covering for their coworkers who are there, I thought I’d take some time this week to talk about what’s going on now, and what will be coming up in the days ahead.

Current State

Besides my daily work at Bruce Harris and Associates, I’ve been polishing up the second draft of a book I’m writing for Packt Publishing. I’ll be able to give you more details on that one soon (and a whole series of blog posts on geeks writing stuff). With the pace of the work cranked up, I haven’t been able to deliver the blog content you all deserve. But we’ll get there soon.

On the personal front, my lovely wife and I have been working through the international adoption process. Since I’ve worked with government for a number of years, I can understand why the process is so slow. We’re holding out hope that our family will double in size soon.

What’s coming soon

I’m in the middle of documenting another ArcGIS JSAPI Hack. I had it planned for today, but ran out of time to deliver it. I still have a number of ideas for more hacks, but I’m debating whether to move some of them to a new topic, called “Wacky Wijits” (a play off of the Dojo Framework’s dijit library). I also plan to start a series detailing the common mistakes when creating applications with the ArcGIS JavaScript API. That will be coming up soon.

I also have a couple book reviews coming down the pipe. I may even branch out beyond the books sold by my current publisher. Gotta keep it real.

So, that’s it from me for now. If you want to get a hold of me, I’m often on twitter with the handle @raykendo. You can also catch me every Wednesday at 12PM Pacific time on #gistribe on twitter. There, we talk about the joys and tribulations of geography, and the software and skills needed to make it great.

See you later, and have fun.

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