Packt Publishing $5 Skill-Up

Packt Publishing $5 Skill up ebook sale

Packt Publishing is running their annual $5 Skill-up. From December 17 until the 8th of January, you can get any e-book and any video for $5. Packt is a publisher of technical books covering a wide variety of IT related fields. They cover the many aspects of software development, but they also offer books that cover dev-ops, penetration testing, and whatever other computer skills you want to pick up. Their normally inexpensive eBooks and videos are now a steal at this value.

Packt Publishing releases a large number of books covering all sorts of topics in modern development. Whatever you like to work with, Packt has you covered.

And if you like, you can finally pick up my book.

So, if you want to pick up some good reading material to improve your technical know-how in 2016, check out Packt Publishing’s $5 Skill Up. You only have a limited time.

You’ll be glad you did.

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